Double Time - Olivia Cunning I had been waiting for this book, waiting and when it was finally available I was excited as Trey in a candy store stocked full of nothing but Cherry flavored suckers! The boys of Sinners have a special place in my heart and my libido. I loved Brian, adored Sed and knew that Trey would break my heart and leave me breathless. My rhythm guitarist did not let me down. I need to get a quick rant out of the way. This was supposed to be the last book in the Sinners on Tour series. The decision by the publisher to switch up the order is maddening! It’s evident as you know what has happened with Jace and Eric but we don’t know their whole story yet. UGH! This pretty much ticked me off but after pulling up my big girl panties and I dug in. You get a few spoilers but this is Trey’s story and I got lost in it regardless.Double Time begins roughly nine months after Rock Hard ended. Trey, still suffers from unrequited love (with you know who) and has finally decided he needs to let him go and move on. "Just love him enough for the both of us. Okay? Just promise me that."Over at his brother’s house (yes we get more Dare!) there is a blind audition being held for Exodus End. They need a temporary replacement rhythm guitarist for their upcoming tour with Sinners. Trey decides to be one of the judges and as he hears the music behind the screen his head and heart think a trick is being played on him until he turns the corner and meets Reagan. Reagan Elliot the tomb boy with a rocking body and hands that know how to rock. She earns her spot with Exodus End but is about to get her world turned upside down by Trey Mills. When Reagan goes to challenge Trey to a guitar duel she gets an eye full as he steps out of the hot tub! Trey, never shy and in his usual style turns his charms on Reagan. Oh but Trey has met his match with this one. Reagan gives it back as good and bad as she gets it. "I like you and all, Trey, but I’m not ready to spread my legs and offer you lunch." Trey has decided to give commitment with a woman and chance. His chemistry with Reagan is nothing short of HOT! Ms.Cunning knows how to write a steamy sex scene that has you turning the page one handed! This is no exception. I will admit I was seriously craving some Double Stuffed Oreos during a few of them. Though we see Trey falling for Reagan there is something missing, something that he cannot deny as it is part of who he is at the core. Trey needs the sexual gratification of a man. Enter Ethan Conner, Reagan’s ex-boyfriend, current roommate, soon to be body guard on the tour who is attracted to Trey. Well now, the heat just got turned up to ELEVEN! "Fucking A. Trey rocked her world and Ethan made it spin." I absolutely love where Trey is in this book. He struggles with what he wants and who he loves. He weakness is his strength and he has found his match in Reagan who gives him everything he needs without holding back. Ethan, oh this Alpha male with the heart of a romantic, who has a way with words, I fell hard. He adds the depth, drama and dynamic to our rocking couple who needs the extra edge, that extra side to be who they are and what they need. Without Ethan, this just wouldn't work. "The soft, nature of a woman steals our hearts, but there is something about a hard body that gets our blood pumping. Fuck the consequences."Double Time does not disappoint. Trey is at his best here and it is always good to see the boys from Sinners show up and let’s not forget the boys from Exodus End. I love the relationship between Dare and Trey; it continues from what we saw in Rock Hard. The brothers Mills are there for each other through anything and Dare supports Trey always. Aside from my rant, Double Time is excellent. Ms. Cunning gives us the story of our Cherry sucker loving bad boy who suffered so long with unrequited love that broke my heart through two books. Trey’s story is told perfectly and fitting for this man who has so much love to give one person just isn’t enough!