Paradise Hops - Liz Crowe This book was lovely; pure, honest, heart breaking, uplifting and just plain lovely. This is my first Liz Crowe book and I am a fan. The story begins with Lori working at her family’s brewery learning the ropes so that later she can take over the business. She meets Garrett Hunter, whom her father has hired as the new business manager coming in to update and modernize Brockton Brewing Company. Though there is an instant attraction between Garret and Lori she holds back her emotions. It’s a good thing Garrett doesn’t.There is another man in who has come into Lori’s life; newly hired high strung brew master Eli Buchanan. Tall handsome and blond, the complete opposite of Garret he attracts Lori like a moth to flame and she wants to get burned. Lori begins a relationship with Garrett, a very tender and understanding relationship with no shortage of passion but when she is around Eli her primal instincts kick in and she has a hard time controlling herself. I can say I don’t blame her one bit. The push and pull between this triangle was nothing short of emotional. Lori caught up with feelings for both men but not knowing how to deal with it tugged at my heart strings. With her past she was so careful who she loved and would not hand her heart over lightly. Lori has to make a decision not only in regards to the men who haunt her dreams and her heart; but a decision that can and will change the rest of her life. Her decision is not an easy one, the scenes that come along with it are difficult yet endearing at the same time. I have read books with a similar plot line but Ms. Crowe handled it with beautifully with such raw emotion that I was lost in the scenes. I was shocked at the twist and even though I was a bit uncomfortable and confused with what I will call “the dream sequence” the end result is what matters. Nothing was handled with kid gloves. These are things that happen in life; life is not always pretty or presented with a bow. It’s tough, it is hard to deal with and it is never what we expect. I can say the same with Paradise Hops without reservation. Paradise Hops is story about what life gives us and how much we can handle. It is a story about taking a chance on what you believe in and dream for no matter the consequences. Paradise Hops is a story about the power of love; not only what it can overcome but the heartache and joy that come along with it. ARC courtesy of Tri Destiny Publishing