Down to You - M. Leighton So after I finished this last night I had a really nice dream about Cash. Did I say it was nice? It was down right X-rated! That alone earns a star in my mind! This was one of those books again I saw all over Goodreads and was afraid to read. My Smut Monday Group had it lined up for the week so I decided to give it a try. Thank you Smut Monday! Olivia is a girl who has a magic "something" about her because she has HOT Twins after her. That is right ladies...TWINS! Can someone hand me a fan over here. She meets Cash in a way that I had to read with half my face hidden behind my hand. Not only was it a bit cringe worthy but it was also sexy. After their introduction, poor Olivia makes is embarrassed again when she lets words fly out of her mouth the next morning when she "thinks" she sees Cash in her kitchen. Oh, but it's not Cash, it's Nash the twin brother! Twins, hot blond twins. Sign me up Blanche I am ready to go. Cash: the "bad boy" with tattoos, a motorcycle and he runs a club. Hello bad boy! He is also Olivia's boss. Tsk Tsk Tsk. No fraternizing in the work place right? RIGHT? "He's watching me like he wants to undress me right where we are - in an empty bar with low light and soft music and there's part of me that would love for him to do exactly that."Nash: Mr. Perfect all nicely done up in a suit pursuing a law degree with an internship. BUT...Nash is taken. Does that stop the attraction? Hell no! "Note to self; Do not expect coherent thought to be possible when staring at Nash. Motor skills may be impaired as well. Take necessary precautions."Poor Olivia, I feel for her having to figure out her emotions when these two men blatantly want her. The rooftop with Nash, the four wheeler with Cash. Can someone PLEASE get me a fan?! What's a girl gotta do to get a fan? A body shot with Cash? Oh, okay...que up Def Leppard would ya! I really enjoyed this book. It was the perfect read at the perfect time for me. I thought I would be in a deep book hangover from the emotional read that came before it but this was a nice place to get lost in and live vicariously through. There are some great lines in this book and not just the shout out to Pretty in Pink! Here are some of great ones that had me wanting to give these fictional characters a virtual *high five*..."I stole it from a homeless person. She was lying right beside the stripper that gave you yours." ~Olivia"Baby, if that's your definition, I'd be a four-star General." ~Nash"I don't remember agreeing to send you an honest stripper. Just a willing one." ~ CashAnd my FAVORITE:"In the meantime, get those penis problems fixed. You're not old enough to play with two toys at the same time. That's cougar territory." ~GingerThis book was full of sweet and sexy moments that fit the story perfectly. The secrets hidden and revealed were not as hidden for me as a reader but that did not change my feel for the book. I still routed for the underdog in this one, though my version of underdog is slightly askew. I was happy with the ending a bit surprised with the epilogue. A second book? Good, I need more dreams of Cash Davenport!