Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan "He was a mystery to unravel, a puzzle I desperately wanted to solve."I have to say that I was so excited to have this book come out early (to stare at the sexy cover in my hands) and I took a few hours out of my day to read it. What a great debut from Kendall Ryan. She brings to the table a different take on an erotic novel. Adding the psychological issue of Dissociated Amnesia to the story doesn't make it a thriller but does bring you to your seat trying to figure out what happened. "Going through with that was like admitting I was nothing, a nameless, faceless nobody. With nothing to my name and nobody who even cares. It was too much."Ashlyn Drake is a PhD student working on her thesis on amnesia when an opportunity for a research subject falls in her lap. When she walks in Room 304 and encounters her "subject" we get a mighty introduction to John Doe who we later get to know as "Logan." Logan's story is interesting, dark and mysterious. While we travel down the road to discovery with him we learn his hidden talents; most that involve his hands and not his ability to cook or paint. Uh huh, THAT kind of talent. Sigh. "Logan, with no memory of his own life was teaching me how to live in the moment and enjoy mine." This was a sexy short read for the afternoon. The steam was just the right temperature and though I had many scenarios regarding Logan's amnesia they were never proven to be correct. Kudos to the author for keeping me on my toes and guessing with every turn of the page.And now because I am greedy...What I want to say about this is...more! I wanted MORE! More of Ashlyn and her history. More of the time spend with Logan in the hospital working out his amnesia issues. I wanted to see sessions; feel the tension, the attraction and the resolve begin to unravel between them. The time passed rather quickly and this could have been the occasion to give the relationship, both professional and personal time to develop. I get the initial attraction I just wanted to feel it down to my core!Giving Logan amnesia lent to many different scenarios that could have been played out. Though I liked the ending it felt rushed and I would have liked to see them start to feel each other out and really get down to what this strong pull was. I wanted to see more interaction with Professor Clancy and Ashlyn; to see her really wrestle with the feelings she was developing and the possible repercussions on her career. I would have loved to get Logans POV as well as he struggled with not knowing who he was. I enjoyed this story and have total faith that the author has the talent to pull raw emotions out of the reader and they were just at the surface waiting to happen. I look forward to more from Ms. Ryan and know that she will continue to grow and knock my sock (or panties) off with her writing.