Generational Sins (Generational Sins, #1) - Samantha Blair "When I was little, my mom used to tell me that I would someday meet a girl who would get stuck in my head and wouldn’t get out. She told me that this girl’s voice would become the voice of my conscience. You are the voice inside my head, Kat, and I can’t deny that any longer."I am going to use a word that may confuse you in regards to this book. I seriously think this may be the most romantic book I have read. Now I do not mean that in the traditional sense; let me explain. To me romance is not just the hot guy who comes in and sweeps your off your feet. It’s not the lust that is felt in the beginning of a relationship. True Romance, true love to me is finding that one person that gets you. The person you do not have to hide anything from. That ONE person whom is your lover; best friend, your confidant, teacher, support, your greatest strength and also your biggest weakness. That one person who knows you better than you can sometimes know yourself. That is what romance is to me and after reading this I can honestly say the relationship between David and Katlyn is romantic. "Why did I feel the need to protect her, when I felt the need to hurt so many others?"David has had an unusual upbringing. His father being a controlling and abusive man has taught David how women should be treated. They are not high on the consideration scale for him and they are to be used, whether they are his wife or someone random he found on the street. David is so brainwashed and afraid of disappointing his father that he succumbs to his will and desires. That is until the day David sits down in his biology lab and a beautiful brunette sits down next to him as his partner. From the moment David meets Kat, he knows the nagging questions about his behavior and what is right or wrong will be tested."She was offering me a relationship with her – a real relationship. She wouldn’t judge me, and she wouldn’t let me hurt her. She was giving me an outlet. It was everything I had ever wanted, and it scared the fuck out of me."I absolutely love how Ms. Blair handled the sexual relationship between David and Kat. David is so conflicted about what he likes in the bedroom and to have someone as strong as Kat tell him from the beginning that his tastes are not wrong and that she would help him see that was beautiful. It is rare that we get a strong female in a book that can take the lead the way Kat does. To have her so strong in their relationship to be David’s equal was beautiful. I really think Kat played against what many see as the stereotypical Submissive woman; she may like to submit to her partner sexually but that does not mean she is not a smart, strong, confident independent woman at the same time. "I saw her as my equal, my everything, and no matter which room we were in. I loved her with all my being, but we both behaved differently depending on the setting. We drew hard lines between playtime and real life. Those lines kept us safe."Now, because I have said I considered this to be romantic does not mean I think this is a light read. While this has the story of David and Kat there is the serious subject of abuse. David’s father is horrible, completely sadistic and someone who is never to be sympathized with…EVER! What he does to his family and others is unforgivable to me. "You’re fucking weak, you sissy. No son of mine will cry into his mother’s apron. Fucking take it like a man."Having to face evil head on is never pretty and the aftermath is always ugly. Having said that, I am again in awe of how the author deals with it. There is no fade to black scene with a HEA. There is no glossing over the true emotions that come from dealing with something that can damage the soul, the psyche and destroy a relationship. The author gives an insightful view into the real day-to-day life of a couple in a D/s relationship. It’s not what some have read in other books. I gained much more knowledge and understanding of why a person would willingly go into a submissive relationship and actually gain pleasure from it. While Kat loved David dearly and truly her willingness to submit was not just for his pleasure but for her own. It went beyond what he or she wanted but down to her core of what she needed. "I opened myself up to him and let him give me the release that I needed. Everything that I had been stressing about faded into the background, and I focused solely on the physical feelings that he was giving me."