Eighty Days Yellow - Vina Jackson My review has been eaten by the Goodreads monster. I forgot to copy it before hitting preview and poof it is gone. So here goes. I wanted to read this book because it said "If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey" which honestly I am SO tired of hearing. I wanted to see if it was similar to it and well...it's NOT! I am going to say personally; if you LIKED FSOG this would not be the book for you. The sexual journey is not romanticized in any way and there is no fucked up bad boy for you to rescue. BUT, if you didn't like FSOG or if you giggled at it after reading better stories, you may just enjoy this. A Girl and Her Violin"(He)found me lying on the wooden floor in his living room, nude, the concerto playing as loudly as his surround-sound system would allow. Loud."We meet Summer in a very provocative and sensual position. The music of Vivaldi is stunning when you hear it through speakers but if you ever have the chance to hear Four Seasons played with a live orchestra you will get the movement of the piece and how it adds to the story. The music is something I found attractive and attentive to the telling of Summer. Through each season she seems to grow, explore and change into someone new, blossom into her true self. As if the change in each of the four seasons lends to her awakening. Summer struggles with her music, her passion and the man in her life. After an accident that leaves her without her life line, her violin, she receives a proposition from a stranger. A Man and His Desires"These were the moments he lived for. The quiet before the storm. The ritual of unveiling. Dominik wanted to savour every single moment, slow them down to a crawl, imprint every single memory on his grey cells, brand-new visions coursing throughout his body, all the way to his brain, encrypted in a most particular manner and rendered unforgettable and immortal."Dominik is a man who knows what he wants and after hearing the haunting music in the tube and seeing the flaming red hair he decides upon a plan. He will offer Summer what she desires most and in turn make her realizes what she wants. The story is told slowly, almost like a silent movie waiting to drag you in. There is no sudden shock that has the reader quickly turning the page yet I found myself turning and turning wanting to know what would come next. The beauty of the "scenes" that Dominik arranges for Summer are sensual and breathtaking. Though to some they may seem out right kinky, once you are inside his head you understand what he wants and his taste. It wasn't surprising that Summer would share in this as well. I enjoyed the story, the journey of both characters, though a few of the side characters deserved more than a flogging. I was happy that Summer finally found her voice away from her violin and the end was what I hoped for but also left me lacking. I wanted more, I needed to know a bit more of what happened and not just the fade to black cliffhanger that makes me want to read the next installment. What bothered me about the book was the title. It doesn't make sense. There is no reference to it in the book and from what I have learned regarding why it is named Eighty Days Yellow, still doesn't jive with me. I have my own version as to why it is named and I will keep that in my head. I look forward to reading more of Summer and Dominik as their journey continues. ARC provided by Open Road Media via NetGalley