RSVP - Ivan Rusilko WOW! All that from an outtake! What a great setup for the full release later this month! In this we get to meet Dr. Ivan Rusilko, a doctor in Miami Beach specializing in women, in many different ways. "I have the distinct privilege of being the physician who can make you look, feel great, and fuck like a superstar."Smart, sexy, confident and looking for a connection we follow Ivan to the Annual Winemakers Dinner. In a few short pages we learn that beyond the sexy is a romantic heart. "I wanted beyond anything to wake up more in love with someone than I'd been when I fell asleep, but not as in love as I'd be the next time I drifted off with her in my arms."Within these pages I found myself laughing, gasping, biting my lip You can leave your hat on! Damn that was HOT!, smiling and sighing with my hand over my heart. Hot, funny, smexy and sweet the text from his mom! How cute was that? This outtake delivers and give you a great tease of what is to come at the end of July.