Tender Mercies - Kitty Thomas "Take the risk or stay where you are. Make a choice now Grace."Those words haunt me. Grace was looking for something that she couldn't get in her every day life, something that a secluded island with special rules and lack of boundaries could give her. The choice she makes seals her fate. "He'd broken her of the habit of seeing herself as a person in the first two weeks."This was my second book my Kitty Thomas and I fell in love with it. So different from Comfort Food as this is a story and you get that feeling from the start. Oh the start! Can I say I opened this to just get a peek and was in tears from the prologue. I fell in love with Asher Collins right then and there. He does not disappoint. He is not a romantic hero by any means yet he does have his own morals. "The entire point of owning a slave, as opposed to a piece of furniture, was that they were a human being with thoughts and feelings and wants and needs. At least in his way of thinking."This book pushes boundaries but I have come to expect that in only two reads from the author. She drags you to the edge, pushes you off then right before you smack into the pavement yanks you back up. The challenge to see things from a different perspective is always there; you may not agree but to "not understand what it meant or why it was okay for a man to treat a woman that way when the whole world said otherwise," is just one reason this story drew me in. This world seems full of violence and hate yet this quote repeats in my head when I think that way; "You could never truly own something that hated you."Tender Mercies is not a romance novel. It is a book about sexual slavery. Though the slavery is consensual to a point, it is not romantic, pretty or something that is easy to handle. That being said it is again a beautifully written dark tale on a very taboo subject. Once again, this book comes with a DISCLAIMER and it is there to serve a purpose. Read it and be self aware of the contents.