Submit to Desire - Tiffany Reisz This was a wonderful look into gorgeous Frenchman, leader of the Underground Kingsley Edge. Charlotte sees Kingsley in a club and is intrigued; who wouldn't be. King offers her a deal, train her for a month and she gets sold to a client. Hmmm, shall we play a game? I love the short stories from Tiffany Reisz, she never fails to draw you into this world of The Original Sinners and does not disappoint. She does challenge you have you change your mind and question the "normal"as she does with this:"Charlie, in this house the word slut is the highest compliment I can give. It means you are a person who owns her sexuality and is unafraid to experiment and open her mind and body to new experiences. I am a slut to."Oh Kinglsey, you had me at Oui!