The Siren - Tiffany Reisz "God said let there be light and there was light…God created the world with words, Eleanor. Words are the thread in the fabric of the universe." The Siren has me lost in a world of vivid visualization even a full 24hrs after reading it. I will honestly say that going into this book I had a prejudgment that soon had me on my ass after the first chapter. "It’s not pornography. It’s erotica. Very good erotica."I could not agree with that quote any more had I wrote it myself. Tiffany Reisz has created a world that sucks you in quickly, deeply and violently. Nora writes erotica, Nora lives what she writes and Nora is so much more than that. To think you have any of the characters or story line pegged in this book would be a great disservice to both you and the author. Zachary Easton is known as the London Fog of editing, it is what he does but again, it’s not who he is. His secrets are deeply hidden and it will take nothing short of beating to rid himself of the guilt, but who beats whom is the question. "Zach paused in his reading as he felt a shadow of something old and familiar whisper across his shoulder. He brushed the sensation off and read the line again. Then the next one and the next one.. " I don’t think I could do this book justice with a review but I feel the need to write one to exorcise myself of the story to be able to move on. It affected me that much. To have a book make me cry, scream, yell and forget to breathe is worthy of more than the 5 stars I am given to rate it. My emotions were all over the place and it was amazing. The cast of characters are so complex and layered. Usually in a book when you have so many people in it you can get lost but your Mistress cracks the whip and keeps you focused that you have nowhere to go, no place to be but reading her words on the page. I just want to hug Wesley and tuck him in to bed and okay I will admit, crawl in there with him. What can I say about Griffin other than seeing this handsome man in certain positions was a mind blowing experience. Søren is a polarizing character; one you want to hate but I found myself having a soft spot for him. Nora I am sure would agree with that. Another man I will say I have developed a collar fetish for…The Siren is more than a story about an erotica writer trying to get published or the underground world she lives in. The Siren is a story of love, loss, sacrifice, lust, hurt, harm and power. "What is the purpose?” “For salvation, of course. For love."