Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love, #1) - Gina L. Maxwell This was just a fun read. Thanks to the girls from my Smut Monday group for reading it with me even though I jumped the gun on it. It was that good! Reid is an MMA champion who needs to get back into shape to take back his title. Lucie just happens to be a kick butt Physical Therapist who he is sent to and is his best friends little sister. You can tell where this will go right? When Reid and Lucie realize they are in a interesting position; him needing to get better fast and Lucie wanting to land the doctor of and for her dreams Reid gives an offer she can't refuse. "I'll teach you how to get your doctor if you do this for me."The sparks fly immediately with these two and it just put a smile on my face. The teasing was adorable and sexy at the same time, a perfect combination. The way Reid speaks was just perfect, it was perfect for his character, completely believable. He was protective of Lucie from the beginning and it just got deeper for him as their story progressed. "Reid wanted to choke every person who'd ever made this woman feel less than the incredible creature she was. Everything about her -humor, awkwardness, klutziness, compassion, dedication-all of it, made her far superior to any woman he'd known.I loved that the majority of the steamy scenes were from Reid's POV, a nice change for this reader. You get some hot lines from him, one of my favorites: Goddamn it, Luce," he said gruffly. "I love that you're always so wet for me. I've never felt anything so tight and hot. I want to live inside you and never leave." There are so many great sexy and smutty lines that come from Reid, the man is pretty vocal in this book. Was the plot predictable, pretty much but it follows the standard lay out of a romance. Did that make this any less fun to read, heck no. It is always wonderful to watch the big strong macho man with the heart of gold fall for the slip of a girl in a way that knocks him off his feet. I love the opposites attract vibe and the makeover business with Lucie.I recommend this to anyone who likes their romance steamy, funny, adorable and last but not least including a hot tattooed bad boy with a romantic heart.