Slave - Sherri Hayes I received this book to review from Netgalley and Smith Publicity --The Writer's Coffee Shop. Thank you for the opportunity. Going into this I had a preconceived idea of what the book would be about and I was completely wrong. Slave is not a book filed with sex and BDSM playrooms. Slave is a story about a girl who has been forced into something she doesn't completely understand and someone who has the capability to save her. I was pleasantly surprised that there would be two POV's in this book; both Brianna's and Stephan's. It helped tremendously with the story telling to really know what was going on between the two. This book had me glued to the page and I couldn't stop turning. I felt for Brianna and her confusion on who she now was, what she could now do and how to navigate the day to day life that has changed so much in her young 18 years. At first I was thrown by her age, but I put that aside realizing that it fit the story, actually most girls forced into sexual slavery are much younger. How broken this young girl had become was heart wrenching for me. She questioned everything around her, everything being done to her but these questions weren't allowed a voice for so long, she lived in a prison in her head. I connected with Brianna and her love of books; living inside your own head you need a little company from words on a page. I cried when she received her first punishment, I felt it right along with her. Stephan is something else. He reluctance to buy a human being is understandable as well as is his decision to go through with the sell. He sees that Brianna is not in a good position and that he can help her. The methods he uses may not be traditional but what kind of help could he get for her that would not damage her more. I think he did what was best being in that lifestyle. Stephan has the patience of a saint and I fell in love with him for that. He just wanted to take care of her and protect her; show her that not everyone is evil, not every man wants the same thing from her and show her that she is in control even when she doubts that. She only knows who/what she has been the last 10 months, is it possible for him to change that?I keep hearing the Lily's words that are repeated in Brianna's head "No I was never his salve. And neither are you."The time that Stephan devotes to Brianna is amazing. The people that he brings into her life to help her was perfect. Lily and Logan understand the lifestyle and can be there for support for Stephan and Brianna even though she doesn't realize it yet. The end was not what I expected and I cannot wait to read Need to find out what happens next.