Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover I had to take a few days to write a review of this wonderful book. I still can’t put my thoughts together as eloquently as I believe this book deserves but I will just go on my gut feelings that I wrote as I was reading it. I have to say I am not a big YA fan, pretty much stay away if I can but I have given the genre more attempts than I thought possible. So when I read YA and I am so lost that I read through work, dinner that I made for the boys but I did not eat myself and then stayed up to read half of the sequel. It's a fan-freaking-tastic book! It is still hard for me to put it into words and that is something. The writing is flawless. Colleen Hoover really draws you and makes you feel every emotion but not so detailed to where you kind of get bugged by it. It is just enough. It is perfect. The slam gave me chills! I have seen it live before so I could read along how it would have been performed but even if you don't, the words are so intense. The author deals with so much sadness but handles it unbelievably well. You would think with so much it would weigh you down but there is always something more for you to grasp for. You know that even though there are rough times it will be okay, it just has to be. I can say that I hope my sons grow up to be half a man Will Cooper is. Yeah, I want my kids to grow up to have the morals, ethics and sense of responsibility as a fictional character. Lake showed me just how strong someone can be even when they don’t think they have it in them. Finding your way is never easy but being true to yourself is the best reward. For me, the key point to something being truly amazing is it makes you go beyond the book. To learn something more and Slammed did that for me. Since I finished it I have gone and researched more Slam competitions and found some truly talented young folks out there with the ability to give me even more chills. Oh and last thing, The author mentions Eddie Izzard, if I didn't like it before that...I was sold then!