Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover I started this minutes after finishing Slammed and not even reading the synopsis, I just wanted more of their story. I needed someone to pinch me when I realized it was from Will's POV! Oh yeah! Point of Retreat is the perfect follow up to Slammed. It evokes the same emotions, the same heart wrenching decisions, the same smiles and the same Butterflyingly awesome Slam poetry! I usually mark my favorite quotes/sections of books to add in my review to make a point but there is no need with this book. Colleen Hoover writes this story with such beauty and elegance I didn't have time to stop and mark anything. Plus, I feel I couldn't do the book justice by including them here. You just have to read the books. Once again Colleen Hoover handles difficult topics with finesse and doesn't gloss over them or beat you over the head with them. They are there for a reason, an important reason and the delivery is flawless. You just get it. I said it before in my Slammed review; when a book in a genre outside my comfort zone draws me in this quick and this complete I will get on a soap box, do a jig and even be the sacrifice if I have to. Thank you Ms. Hoover for writing a story that knocked my butterflying socks off.