Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) - Cherrie Lynn What can I say about this book other than READ IT!This was suggested as a fix for my separation from Lucas in Tamarra Webber's Easy but I wouldn't call it a fix so much as an upgrade! Holy Tattooed Hotness! Brian and Candace have known each other for years, what they don't realize is they have both WANTED each other this whole time! Candace gets a great idea to go get a tattoo for her birthday and she won't have it done by anyone else but Brian. She gets her tattoo and something more when he slips her his number on the way out and she returns in kind. The story begins to unfold, unwind and ignite!The scenes between Candace and Brian are sweet, funny (hello video store and the whole Meet the Parents banter!) sexy, SUPER SEXY and heart warming romantic. I swear I held my breath reading this (in a 24hr period) because I couldn't wait to read what happened next and just where they would end up. Not only is the chemistry between Candace and Brian great but the family dynamics that come into play also brought depth to the story. It is so true that you don't just get involved with a person, their entire package includes family whether you like it or not. The way in which both Candace and Brian deal with their family gave as strong character development and not a simple HEA for the ending. I fell in love with the supporting cast of Rock Me as well. I love it when an author has a strong support system for the leads, I would love to know just what was talked about between Macy and Ghost!