Try Me - Olivia Cunning This was a great short read, it is called "One Night" after all, that was perfect for my frame of mind. After reading some darker books I needed some sexy band members and this delivered.If you have read Backstage Pass then you are set for this book. We meet another band, Sole Regret, who rocks not only the stage but the chicks that want to get backstage. That is where we meet Melanie and Nikki; one friend who wants the rocking and one friend along for the ride. I liked Melanie from the start. She was a girl who had her prejudgements yet was secure enough that when the time came she could through them aside and take what was in front of her. Her fears of tattooed men was never funnier when she calls out the lead singer "Shade", and then smacks in to Gabe "Force" Banner. I just need to say Thank You to Ms. Cunning for giving Gabe a Mohawk, so well played! Drummers are usually my favorite in a band but give him a hawk and I am so in crush mode. Anyway...The story moved quickly, lots of sex, kinky business mixed in with sweet and funny moments. Getting involved with the characters was smooth and just when I wanted more from them it ended. It was bittersweet, not quite an HEA but a Happily Ever After for Now? I hope that in the next books we see more of Mel and Gabe.