Dark Mercy - Zoe Winters Dark Mercy marks the first Vampire book I have read in over 15 years. Being a fan of Anne Rice I have not found another author who could write a sophisticated Vampire who drew me in enough to read a chapter, let alone a a full book. The words Dichotomy and Etymology come to mind instantly with this story; Angeline whose name means "Angel" and Father Hadrian whose name means "Dark One" is just one example. The relationship between these two is amazing. Told from the POV of both Angeline and Father Hadrian you get the entire story and I appreciate that. "God didn't want her anymore. Well fine, fuck him anyway. She'd carried this anger for a long time now, and yet, she stubbornly kept the rosary, carrying it around with her like a tarnished ticket to heaven.""He'd seen human nature in all it's intriguing, delightful, and disappointing forms, but this woman a was study in contrasts he couldn't quite unravel."Dark Mercy is a wonderful, dark introduction to Angeline and Father Hadrians story. It does not lead you down the obvious path; there are a few twists and turns that I did not expect and that does not include the ending. I could not have picked a better story to reintroduce myself into the world of Vampires. Zoe Winters has the skill to weave a story and keep you glued to the page. She also has the great ability to give this reader a total crush on Father Hadrian and a new type of collar fetish. I cannot wait to read their full book!