Three Days of Dominance - Cari Silverwood Interesting story. I don't normally read much fantasy, not liking to have to acquaint myself with a whole new world but this wasn't a big stretch for the imagination and I liked that. Danii is a cop who is used to being alone and taking care of herself until one day on a walk with her dog and the neighbors dog she meets a stranger who will change all that. Heketoro (seriously, how do your pronounce this name? I started calling him BOB!)means fairy spirit and that is what he is, a Fairie, a Prince of the Underworld who has been cursed to live in a lake for the crime he has committed. To break this curse he needs the help of Danii and her promise of three days of dominance. The book was not hard to follow, the lemons were plenty and pretty damn hot! Love what this hot fairie could do with foliage and flowers! What bummed me out about the story would be the language of Heketoro. I guess I feel let down when a Prince of the Underworld uses common human speak, it is as if it cheapens his character. I do like how the author explains how he knows the language though having watched humans for 100 years, it would be similar to picking up a accent. What was never explained, or I flat out missed it, was what was the point or Emana kidnapping Danii and why wasn't she able to remember it like everything else. This seemed to be pretty damn important, important enough to add it to the story, but nothing was ever said after she returned.Three Days of Dominance was an good short read. Not something I would read again, but another fantasy book that I was able to handle.