The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher "The sky is red-means trouble" The Opportunist was an intense read, did I say intense actually this book is a Mind Fuck in the best way possible. When I read a book I don't just want to get lost in the text, I want to be challenged mentally. I want to get inside these characters and find out what are they thinking and did they really just do that? Ms. Fisher delivers on all levels. The blank pages over the four years had my jaw on the floor. What a witty touch to add to a book instead of just saying "four years later". The emptiness of the pages echoed the emotions thoroughly.From the beginning you may think you have it figured out and who the opportunist actually is but you will get flipped over, slapped across the face and punched in the gut when you figure it out. I finished this over an hour ago and I feel as if I am still inside, struggling with Olivia to let go of her fears. Fighting with Caleb to not do what is right and just do what he wants. Feeling hate and compassion for Leah at the same time, who does that?The Opportunist is not a light read, it is as I said before intense and will consume you. I am giving this 5 stars. 5 stars for me are for the books that stay with me, the ones I go back and re-read sections for one reason or another.