The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1) - Alice Clayton I received this book from Omnific Publishing and I could not be happier to be reviewing it. I had this in the mammoth pile that is my To Be Read list. I first noticed the title and was intrigued being a redhead myself but upon reading the synopsis I quickly added it so I would not forget it as if I could. I am a hopeless romantic after all. From the first page of this book I was laughing, with lines like “Is this ‘I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly’ situation” it was just the beginning of the constant smile that would remain on my face while I devoured this book in a day. Grace Sheridan is my kind of girl, literally! She is funny, smart, witty and gets herself into the most insane situations that are so humbling and funny I actually snorted through a few of them. The relationship between Grace and Holly is right in tune with how I joke with my girlfriends, just a bunch of friendly, loving insults! When Grace meets Super Sexy Scientist Guy, aka Super Sexy Jack Hamilton. Grace and Jack have an instant witty banter that just had me laughing. The teasing they toss back and forth is exactly what I was looking for. It was so refreshing to have Jack be so laid back, British, that accent I could just hear it in my head and fun. After reading so many books with Alpha Men who borderline on Caveman personalities I loved the wit on this hot man in Doc Martens. Grace with all her baggage is plain lovely as she comes to realize how much she cares for Jack and how he cares for her. So many little things about her really hit home for me, she was so outrageous and yet so down to earth and normal. The setting of Los Angeles was also fun as I am a So Cal native and could see where they were going having been there. Jack is a complete doll, a hot sexy tall drink of water type of doll. A doll you just want to keep on your shelf so you can stare at him all day, play with those curls when you want, dress and undress him…uh yeah. Jack is fantastic! The way he handles his blossoming fame and his relationship with an older woman is swoon worthy. The scene where he tells Rebecca he has no real clue how old she is but tries to figure it out based on her love of Corey Haim, (who by the way is my choice for the hotter Corey may he Rest in Peace. )Alice Clayton has written as fun, sexy, smart and oh so romantic story. I am still laughing about rolling around and kissing on the beach, Holly and Nick eating popcorn on the stairs and Grace putting her foot in her mouth more than once but loving it when she did it and then smacks right into Lane! I am still smiling over the nicknames they gave each other, the playfulness in their relationship and just how funny they are with one another. I still feel butterflies and take a deep breath at open mic night and that smile across the room, the way Jack washes her hair (and holds on while Grace washes his) and the last scene of them together. If you are in the mood for a great read that leaves you happy after reading it and wanting more like I do then definitely read The Unidentified Redhead.