A Modern Love Story - Jolyn Palliata Another great recommendation from Emily! Robbie and Lucian meet in foster care. Both children have horrible events in their past (scenes that left me sobbing!)that lead them to their initial meeting but a bond is formed between them that blossoms into more. Luc quickly becomes Robbie's champion making sure no one hurts and and takes care of her when her past threatens to destroy her. On a innocent request, Luc and Robbie start to feel more for each other than friendship but never act on it. As adults, the couple finally give into their unrequited feelings for one another only to find a wonderful connection and passion. Can I get a Hell Yeah for sex against walls/doors! Circumstances separate them and put their happiness in jeopardy. The entrance of Payten was something I hated. She seemed so sweet but you knew something was up. I found myself yelling at my Nook with many; WTF's, did she just do what I think she did, and OMG! No way! A Modern Love story hits emotion, after emotion and does not let the reader down. An intense but short read I would recommend it but bring some Kleenex.