Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens I waited and waited to read this book. I had read so many different reviews about it and there seemed to be this "I Hate Kiera" club that really turned me off. Upon the constant bullying and nagging of dear friend I finally conceded and started to read. From the beginning I had a few gripes; why didn't this college girl in the 21st Century have a cell phone and needed to call her parents collect? Really? But after that my gripes ended. I may be among the small population that actually liked Kiera, I never felt any bad feelings towards her. I felt more empathy for the character. She was young, sheltered and confused. I don't normally connect with the females in books but this time I did and it shocked me. I could see things from the narrative, the very descriptive narrative that really got you inside her head. The relationship with Denny was sweet, safe and what was known. But I feel like Denny was also at fault for what happened. He seemed to always choose work over Kiera. Kellan was comfort when she needed it; excitement and just plain new. He was also something that consumed her, it's hard to think clear under consumption. The first night with Kellan was understandable to me. I do not commend cheating but when you are dealing with emotions and matters of the heart all rationale goes right out the window. I too, like Kiera fell in love with both men in this book and was torn. Kellan was pretty upfront with what he wanted but he was just as guilty as Kiera in this relationship, no matter how hot he was, and he was HOT!, he was still wrong as well. Thoughtless was a roller coaster of emotions; sweet, happy, sexy, smoldering, exhilarating, heart breaking, sad, intense and overwhelming. My favorite scenes were the espresso cart, the club scene, the rain, the confrontation in the back room, the space needle and Kiera in her lounge pants staring up at a damaged Kellan singing her song. I am still reeling from all the emotions from this book. The author does a great job of pulling you in and letting you get lost. I am grateful I finally picked it up and read it, this story will stay with me a good long time. Oh and D-bags ROCK!!!!