Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning I absolutely love this book and Sed! I love that it starts exactly where Backstage Pass left off. Knowing a bit about Sed already I was prepared to like him but I fell in hard for the lead singer of Sinners! Sed and Jessica had a terrible break up, and end of their engagement. They haven't seen each other in two years and then she shows up in an unexpected place and gets thrust back into Sed's life. I like how involved the band mates are with each other. I liked seeing Brian and Myrna again along with the rest of the band. The brotherly emotion the band mates share was adorable and touching. The events that happen test the band in many ways but just like a family they lean on one another to pull through it. Being introduced to Trey's brother Dare I cannot wait to read his story along with Trey, Eric (squee!) and Jace. While having A LOT of sex in Rock Hard it was actually a breath of fresh air from the scenes in Backstage but did not lose the erotic nature. This is my favorite so far.