Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye What can I say about Aly and Marco besides I love their story! I love stories where the H/H have a past, they know one another and have secretly liked each other or at least one has. Alyssa has been in love with Marco for years when she and her brother would escape their home for his. Years later when she is out of college and Marco is honorably discharged from Special Forces with an injury they meet up but even though she wants Marco he is forbidden in more ways than one and he believes his honor is to her brother, his best friend and Aly is also forbidden. Once Marco starts to see Aly as a woman and not a little girl and notices other men seeing her the same way...the drama begins. Laura Kaye has a knack for writing the hot, tortured and romantic hero and she does not disappoint with this book at all. While it was a short read it was not short on emotion, humor or redemption.