Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1) - Tammara Webber Having read Easy I decided to give this series a shot. From the beginning I liked both Reid and Emma but as the book progressed I started to get a bit bored and firmly annoyed with Reid. I found myself wanting to skip the sections with his POV and really wanted more of Graham. I fell in love with Graham from the first shot of him against the wall lighting a cigarette and then his morning runs with Emma to his counting her "huhs"...he was my type of hero. The story in all was good; a bit juvenile for my taste but that is the genre after all. I was shocked at the two bombs dropped towards the end that came directly out of left field and the last one had my jaw on the floor. When I found out we get Grahams POV in the second book I rushed trough this to finish it and move on. If I had read this before Easy I think my view would have been slightly different but that just wasn't the case. I think this was an okay read but not something I would read again.