The Principal's Office - Jasmine Haynes I really enjoyed this book. I had read Past Midnight as it was the first book in this series but it is not necessary to enjoy The Principal's Office. Neither is the second book which I passed on. Rachel is a divorced mom of two boys. She lives with the stereotype that mothers should not be sexy, not want sex and God forbid actually LIKE sex! One morning Rachel meets a handsome stranger at the grocery store who will rescue her orange juice from the top shelf and later rescue Rachel in more ways than one. From the first meeting, Synchronicity takes over...The dynamic between Rachel and Rand (Principal Torvick) is nothing short of steamy. The conversation where Rachel sets the rules is wonderful but once Rand reveals his rules the heat gets turned up more than one notch! I really liked the involvement of Rachel's sons in the story. Ms. Haynes is a wonderful story teller who blends the everyday with a fantasy. There is no billionaire there to buy you Audi's, no strong but silent man who falls into money and can solve every problem you may have whether you like it or not. She places Rachel and Rand in real life situations and lets them lean on one another to fight their battles. It is not only an erotic novel but you see the intimacy of a couple develop outside of the bedroom where true intimacy lives.