Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard I happened upon Gabriel's Inferno looking to fill a void after finishing the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and needing a Christian Grey fix...what I found and got was so different, so layered and quite possibly so much better. Meet Professor (though he has a PhD do not call him doctor for it is well known that even Chiropractors are called Doctors) Gabriel Emerson, Dante Specialist with the University of Toronto. Sexy, strong, intelligent man on the outside with something missing on the inside. Meet Ms. Julia Mitchell, Masters student studying Dante and needing Professor Emersons class to meet her graduation requirements. Seemingly quiet on the outside, she hold a secret that could tear her world apart and bring it together at the same time.Finding this book for me was such a joy! Being drawn into the world of Gabriel and Julia while simultaneously reliving the world of Dante and Beatrice was nothing short of beautiful, amazing and heartbreaking. Sylvain Reynard did what most books cannot do these days, he made you long to read centuries old text to go deeper in to the love story of these characters.The confusion, the reveal, the want, the loss, the redemption, the lust and the love is just a few things that have made me read this book more than once. To have the characters not have sex until the last few pages was brilliant. It fit with the story and was the ultimate foreplay! Well done Sir, play on!I would recommend this book to anyone who likes their alpha male with a gorgeous brain, a heart with unlimited capacity and a heroin who will risk all for the love she deserves.