Past Midnight - Jasmine Haynes I found this from downloading The Principal's office and not realizing it was the last book in a series so I went back to this, the first in the series. I really liked this story. I think what I liked most about it is that Dominic and Erin are married, have been married for 15 years. They go through an unimaginable loss and the only connection they have is what happens Past Midnight. There were a couple scenes I had to back away from and look at without my personal belief lenses on. I was uncomfortable but I knew it was necessary for the growth of the characters. Shane and the hot tub scene was difficult to read but okay, but I had to step outside myself when they meet Craig in the train car To have the leads in a romance be married was a welcomed change; to not have the leads meet, become infatuated and then go from Lust to Love quickly was a breath of fresh air. To see the leads suffer a loss and try to figure out just who they are now and how they still fit together was a wonderful journey. To finally know what Erin was doing alone in her office when she wasn't reaching out to her husband in the middle of the night was heartbreaking. As a wife and a mother I cold identify with her on many levels. The themes of loss, forgiveness, transformation and redemption are well layered and laid out for the reader.This is my first book from Ms. Haynes and I look forward to reading the next, actually the next in this series.