Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux Can someone please bring a medic to mend my broken battered heart? STAT! What the hell did I get myself into? My boys, I knew they would kill me with this book. I tried to resist, I really did but I lack all will power when it comes to Ty and Zane. I know it couldn’t be all smooth sailing for my boys but this? My heart has been torn out of my chest, tossed around a room full of rabid dogs and I am not sure even a voodoo priestess could make it whole again. I can barely see typing this out but I have to get it done before I can sleep. Sleep after that ending? Yeah, as if that could be possible. I am not sure how a review is possible but I need to get this out. I am going to be honest; starting this book was not fun for me. I had seen spoilers, knew bits about the cliffhanger and knew there would be secrets revealed and angst to happen. I tried to prepare myself for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was the feel of this book. The feel of the first six I had when I started them was not present. It took me about 40% into the book before it felt normal. Before my annoyance at what was happening went away. I tried to put it down a few times and walk away from it but I couldn’t. I give props to the author for that. Tugging me in and pulling me back to the pages regardless of my feelings at the time. I am helpless and hopeless when it comes to my boys. I steeled myself to be annoyed, to be aggravated and NOT to become a sopping sobbing bloody mess of a girl. Are you laughing at me yet? Go ahead, it is fine. My poor hopeless romantic heart was stomped on, of course I cried. I sobbed, I am still sobbing and I am not ashamed of it. To make this short and painless unlike reading the book; Ty and Zane are making the most out of life and work together. Celebrations, a photo shoot (can I get a copy of those please?), then they get a call; a call for help and the boys fly out to New Orleans to aid a friend in need. Once there, they come up against old foes, old ghosts, old lovers and old secrets that will destroy anyone and everyone around them. Oh and of course there is murder in there to be solved. The boys wouldn’t be them without some sort of Scooby Doo action following them. “Ty?”“Huh?”“You didn’t hear a word I just said, did you?”“What did you say?”“I was talking about how odd it is that we keep stumbling over these murders. It’s like someone has it out for us.” ***Cue ominous music. Foreshadowing for more than just this book? Me thinks so, dear readers. Me thinks so.***So, the boys are in New Orleans and WOW! I knew there would be angst, there would be secrets but what comes out in this book is a total mind fuck. There is no other way to put it. You think you know what Ty has been keeping secret but when Zane pulls it out of him; my stomach was in my throat. “Are you serious? You talk about how much you love this guy and you haven’t even told him?” What the hell? Talk about a plot twist that had me reeling. All this time? That is what - that is where - why you… I mean, it makes sense and all but I felt like I was punched in the gut and my head shoved in a toilet with the flush on constant. I couldn’t breathe. I. COULD. NOT. BREATHE.“Are there more?” Zane asked sarcastically. Ty hesitated, and Zane caught a flicker of guilt in his eyes. “Oh my God.” Zane whispered. “There’s more. There’s something more than this? Tell me what you are hiding.”Ty raised his head and squared his shoulders. “No.”Zane studied his lover. “Tell me now, tell me everything I need to know. Tell me the truth or I walk!”Sweet Saint Brigid! I have never seen the boys like this. The first fight in the alley of Cut & Run was brutal but that was fists, the words that are thrown out here are viscous. Zane is clearly hurt and understandably so and as they say; you always hurt the ones you love and what Zane does to Ty is unbelievable. I get it. I get what Ty did and why he did it to a point but being with someone for that long, trusting your life and your love to this person, this man you share every day with? I found it all so odd and yet not so odd at the same time. Am I confusing you? Good, welcome to the club. I am still shaking my head at what I just read. It was dizzying to see how all they’d built could unravel so quickly. Ain’t that the truth! I did love that deep down under the hurt and betrayal that the boys felt, the engrained love for one another came out above all even when they were still at odds. The love that Ty and Zane have for one another is one they write love songs about or…romances about! Thank goodness for that. The boys have an epic love but to toss out another cliché at ya; sometimes love isn’t enough. “I just need to be able to trust you, Ty,” he whispered. “You can. I swear you can. I’d die for you, Zane.”Okay, I need to stop before my head explodes. A lot was tossed at us in this book. There was a new POV, that I didn’t mind at all and a few new folks that I never want to see again. But at the end of it all, this book was a struggle to get through for me. Not just the beginning that I wasn’t feeling at all but the hard moments between these two men that I have come to love, adore and cheer to be together. Fate put them together, they made it through the rough patches and choices in life and made it down that road that led them to where they are. These are not just characters on a page to me; Ty and Zane feel so real. The way they are written is beautiful in their complex simplicity; they are two men who have jobs, who meet and fall in love. A love that makes me happy and a love that can break my heart. Ty had crossed a line, there was no question of that. But Zane had crossed one too. “You ask yourself if you’re in love. You’re not asking the right question.”“What’s the right question?”“Would you bust him out of prison?”“No.” Zane answered immediately. “No?”“No,” Zane said again. “I wouldn’t let him make it to the cell.” At the end of it all, OH MY GOD the end of it…Touch & Geaux was a trip to read. To have these boys be one way for six books and have this thrown at you like a fast ball was tough to swallow. Ahem, swallow…yeah um…what was I saying? The book did not have the same feeling as the previous but what was being dealt with, it couldn’t be all hiking, cruise ships, road trips and very large pussy cats. It had to be gritty, it had to be real and it had to be the boys. Am I glad I read it? You bet your ass I am. Am I prepared to wait for March for Ball & Chain? Hell no, but I will. If the boys can make it to another book, I will be there waiting with open arms and a Costco sized box of tissue. Suddenly there was no space between them. Just Ty and Zane.