College Boys  - Daisy Harris

I should know better by now. I go in for fun and smut and always come back with my heart handed to me. This book was no exception.

So Chris is moving into a new hall at school, one where he will get more privacy as this room is a single but what he quickly learns is the "wall" between he and his roommate is so thin they can hear each other breathe. Oh yeah, they can hear that and a whole lot more.

Chris Fischer and his new wall mate, Peter Cohen have a bit of history and it involves tents of all proportions. When they both realize who their neighbor will be the have different reactions but both boys wonder if the other remembers that morning in the tent with the rubbing of spoons. While Peter is out with his sexuality, Chris is still testing the muddy waters of his heart and mind. What he does know is he likes Peter and that is where the fun times begin with this story.


Chris stayed where he was standing by the wall, his hand resting, open palmed, at the level of his face. It would have been lower than Peter's face, sine he was taller than Chris, maybe more at the level of Peter's throat.

Confession: I have a small fetish for the boys in the closet, or just in the fitting room peeking out from behind the curtain. I adore their journey from what they fight against, or what they think is wrong to the realization of what they want is just who they are and it's okay to embrace and accept that. It's not always an easy road, most of the time I end up in tears reading their journey but I really do enjoy these boys.

Chris and Peter slowly become friends through the safety of the wall between them but once they start to let down the personal walls we begin to see their relationship change into something more.

This story, it was fun, it was sweet, it hurt and at times...OH MY it was sexy. The scene with Peter being all "do this and do that" was H.O.T. and then wondering who would top whom...yeah, that comes into play when you have one in the closet and one not. I was shocked actually by who did what but it worked out perfectly and drew an "Aww" out of me with the level of trust that was given. Oh and the scene with the date? Call me sentimental and sappy but what Chris does reminds me of Mr. Darcy walking all that way in the wee hours of the morning to tell Elizabeth how he feels. Sigh. I loved, LOVED that part. So good.

College Boys was a great short read and introduction to the boys of Holsum College. If being neighbors gave me and the boys this much pleasure, I cannot wait to for more.