Chasing Matt - Nikka Michaels,  Eileen Griffin I am a picky reader. I have said this more than once. But I AM a reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of words that can take me to another place. With that being said. Ugh. First sentence of this book "I got out the car…" oh boy. First sentence! Okay, I am so not an editor, I can overlook minor editing in a book, I have done it before BUT the thing is when I start to edit a book it is all I focus on and folks that is never a good thing. So after the first sentence we then get "My phone’s ringtone sounded." Your what did what? We also get "The noise was dulled and muted…" Um…yeah. Do we need forced fancy shmancy wrting in this? From the summary I thought these were two "normal" guys who even in their inner dialogue would speak “normal.” I would love to say that the writing got better but it was as if someone swallowed a dictionary/thesaurus and wanted to show us how they are able to use big words. Big words don’t make a good story. Oh and while we are on the subject of words; I will admit I love dirty talk. On my list of dirty words to use IN dirty talk is cock. There is so much to be said in those four letters but in a story with less than 50 pages of actual story the word is used 39 times and I started to feel dirty while reading it. Again. Not good. The story, it could have been decent. It is cute but that’s about it and quite frankly pushing it. The star awarded goes for the title, I will give it points for that. I never felt connected to either Matt or Chase. This read more like a telegram reading by a robot. Chase did this. stop Matt did this. stop I felt like I was being told instead of being allowed to feel what was going on. There was zero chemistry between the MC’s and no end or resolution…no they walked off into the sunset no nothing. It just drops you off and you read the words THE END. Honestly, you read the words so you know it’s over. I wanted to like this but I ended up skimming the majority of it. The length was not the problem, I have read some fantastically written short stories lately that can blow full length novels out of the water. The summary was cute and as I said the title was witty with the play on their names but the feeling of trying too hard to be impressive, a rushed story and zero connection to the characters, this fell flat for me.