Inertia - Amelia C. Gormley

This was a pleasant surprise. I had Inertia on my TBR list for some time. I was looking for something to read, something that most of my friends hadn’t so I could go into it with a fresh mind, a new experience without the normal posts via Goodreads. As I scrolled through my library, the cover caught me with the gut feeling just like it did the first time I saw it. Having read the author before and enjoyed her voice, I was ready to meet and take these boys on.


All love carries a risk.

Derrick Chance is a solitary man. He has lived alone for the last ten years in the house he shared with his late grandparents. The bachelor life of a handyman is fine for him; he sets his own hours, takes his weekends to play with his dog Chelsea in the park and though he has friends to spend quality time with…he is missing something. The something that Derrick is missing comes along when he gets a job to install custom shelves for one Gavin Hayes.


It had been ten years since he’d let himself feel attraction for anyone. He had cut off that part of himself and set it aside.


Upon their first meeting the attraction is evident between the men. The flirting was instant and I was blushing right along with Derrick…oh Derrick. I so got this man. I loved being in his head; each time he over analyzed the hell out of every little detail, I got him. His thought process is a lot like mine. I over think everything, wonder if I should have done that. What would happen if I did this or if didn’t do that. I feel regrets when I know I could have done something different than I did. I worry about the future and not live in the now…yeah, I totally got Derrick


He liked his peace, his calm, his stability. But now it felt lacking; a sense of discontent had been growing inside him since he’d let himself notice Gavin.

Gavin…I am a sucker for fair hair and freckles, but that is not the only attraction to this man. His past intrigues me. What he let happen, what he inadvertently gave into and the possible repercussions it can have on his future just hurt my heart. I love seeing him through Derrick’s eyes and the intimate bits that he gives to us. He is a complicated man, one who has been mistreated in one of the worst ways and the way it is handled by the author was amazing. I don’t think I have seen/read such an honest portrayal of what has happened and is happening to Gavin since watching Queer as Folk. With romance we get the fantasy but it can’t always be perfect and this shows us that is not, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be good. Gavin has had rough times that have brought him to a very low point yet he is still willing to try again and what better man to try with than Derrick?


Love – even the sort of love that makes others raise their eyebrows – is not a modern invention.

What got me the most with this book was the connection I got with the MC’s. This is character driven; you have to get to know the men to get their story and we get them with a perfect pace, deeply felt emotions and breathtaking intimacy. There are elements of their work and their life outside each other but this is about them. About two normal men and oh how I loved their normalcy. Sure, it’s fun to read the cops, FBI Agents, Fireme, the men who have high profile jobs etc. but there is a calm serenity in reading about the everyday person; the one who you can relate to because it is the everyday, the normalcy about them that makes them special. With Derrick and Gavin this is the case. This is their story; I needed to have this time with them.


“Teach me.” Derrick whispered. “Help me learn you.”

Inertia was so intriguing that before I finished it I bought the second and third installments to the series. I have to know where these two end up. How they get there and I want to be there with them every step of the way. I want to be there when they are with their friends and I so want Miss Ingrid to meet Gavin…everyone should have someone in their life like that wise woman. I wish I had one myself. I want to be there as their relationship develops and if it loses its way, how they make it work. More. I just want more.